Monday, November 21, 2016

Young Israel of Great Neck

For more than 35 years, Bernie Mermelstein has served as chief executive officer of MZ Berger & Co., which produces watches, clocks, home decoration, and jewelry, among other items. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Bernie Mermelstein donates to Young Israel of Great Neck. 

With roots going back 40 years, Young Israel of Great Neck is an orthodox congregation in Great Neck, New York, with more than 250 families. Located at 236 Middle Neck Road, Young Israel of Great Neck features a main sanctuary, and its Justin Family Center has a large Beit Midrash, a full-sized gymnasium, and several classrooms.

Rabbi Yaacov Lerner has led Young Israel of Great Neck since its founding in 1975. The congregation’s rabbinical staff also includes Rabbi Shmuel Ismach and Rabbi Eric Goldstein. Under their leadership, Young Israel of Great Neck offers numerous educational programs for adults and youth, including daily classes such as Mishna Beitza and Take Ten for Torah. 

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