Thursday, July 28, 2016

Useful Tips for a Successful Aliyah

Bernie Mermelstein is the owner and chief executive officer of MZ Berger& Co., a maker of quality timepieces, home décor bags, and consumer electronics. A strong supporter of Jewish traditions, Bernie Mermelstein has donated to Nefesh B'Nefesh (NBN). The core mission of NBN is to revitalize Aliyah (return to Israel) and to increase the number of future Olim (new immigrants) by removing logistical and financial obstacles that prevent Jewish individuals from making a home in Israel.

For Jews returning “home,” being prepared is the key to having a successful Aliyah. Organize your paperwork beforehand. Have important documents and papers for yourself and your family members safely stored. Keep a digital copy of each readily available.

Set up a smartphone number before getting to Israel. This is important, as government and local offices in the country ask for contact information. Many carriers send SIM cards to America. Look into a local bank in the area you are moving to, and open an account. Carry cash to deposit into the account.

Set up a health care plan for you and your family. There are four national health care plans (Kupat Cholim), all of which are available at the airport. Discuss with area locals on which plan is the best for you. You can upgrade your plan later on.

Ensure you have the keys to your new house, and as soon as you arrive, confirm that the plumbing and air conditioning are functional.

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